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Chest Rub to Boost Winter Immunity Support

April 26 2017

Boost your immunity this winter with a lemon tree oil rub.

During the holiday season and wintertime, you may feel worn down, which makes it easier to catch a cold. Eucalyptus is known to be a strong booster of the immune system. It also has disinfectant and anti-bacterial properties.

Lemon-tree oil promotes well-being, and its refreshing smell helps to invigorate your body and immune system. You can combine these ingredients to make a helpful chest rub for winter immunity.

Find an amber-colored bottle with a screw-on lid and add 1.5 ounces of sweet almond oil and 0.5 ounces of organic castor oil. Add three drops of peppermint oil, nine drops of eucalyptus oil and 12 drops of lemon tea tree essential oil.

Place the cap on the bottle, tighten, and gently swirl the bottle to mix the oils. Apply the mixture to your chest before bedtime or after your shower whenever you feel a cold coming on. It will help to relieve cough and congestion symptoms. You can also use it as an everyday immunity booster.

iHerb also carries a variety of Chest Rubs for you to check out.


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